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30 - C0r0naVi

CrnV- reverting climate change with Pandemia

An opportunity to shift the basis of our economy from productiv to circular.

Canada produces 700 Megatones of CO2 each year. That is 58,3 Megatons (58,333,333.33 tons/month). Based on data from China during the 2 weeks confinement we noted a reduction of 25% in CO2 emissions. During 2 weeks of confinement Canada will have reduced 14,58 metatons of CO2 emissions during the first 2 weeks lockdown due to coronavirus. The curent EU market price for 1 ton of C02 offset is valued at 25 euros. 1,458,333.00 tons x 25 Euros= 364,5 million dollars. Following this particular logic, during confinement Canada is earning this amount per 2 weeks of confinement.

In othodox economical terms this does not translate well into the current reality but in creative economy we can very well claim Canada can emit this amount of debts as an investment into the future compromising to reset its econmoy not to return to Co2 emission pre-corona virus level.

There are now less reasons for people to only value their assets in fiat currency. Jobs that were paid before are now no longer paid, offices are empty and people still work. There is so much produced in the world at this moment that large part of the western hemisphere can live with what they have as infrastructure and live pretty well alwyas when tey have food suply and freedom to gather and produce collectively.In fact there are very littel need to re-start production as before. There is a need though for know how to maaintain the infrastructure and guarantee suplly chain of all products in sustainable volume and quality.

The rĂ´le of technology.....

The value of fiat money as per the orthodox financial scheme is to make work a system that simply does not work. Global unequal, disconnected from the source. Reverting the equation the same system can work very well. Value system requires also to be reverted. The value of the mass is stronger than the value of the individual. The money Soros owns is worth nothing to me if it does not allow me to live my life better. And it is now the end of it. Shall there be a new type of money that comes to sustain the need of the humans on the planet. Decentralized, fair and neutral. It is my beleif that a little chaos is necessary to get there. We can be prepared, we will be served. The most virtuous of the "commons" is that it makes common sense.