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28 - Diegesis

This entry is an investigation on the concept of scale as in scalability. My particular interest is for application in the physical representation of the "world" through the medias. Starting from the cinema, video and multiple reality techniques that emere and will emerge throught the integration of digital technology.

Sarine WaltenspĆ¼l in her paper "The Camera as a Scaling Instrument: Focus on Cinematographic Modellling Techniques" in Too Big to scale - on scaling space, numbers, time and energy. defines very well the different approaches to create the effect of illusion through the scaling of projected physical and mediatic objects. The interests lays both in the skills to produce the effects but also on the capacity to manipule the perception of the world through the experience of technology, which I think, best define what art is.

I am interested to work with a combination both profilmic and screenic modeling approach to transcend into a virtual dimension the experience of physical interactive artifacts. The artifacts are in more concrete terms a series of "scenography" designed to come alive through the interaction with humans (and their emotion).


Too Big to scale - on scaling space, numbers, time and energy.