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26- Suscamp

You can read a sinopsis of the project in the following pdf: Suscamp brief

The overall objective of the Suscamp project is to establish legal framework and implementation of an economically sustainable open source (OS) business model for fabrication and commercialization of co-designed sustainable products in the fields of "wearable/fashion, furniture, electronics, etc... (could not find the list of thematic - will do).
Suscamp will scale on the 3 years duration of the Horizon 2020 fund moving gradually towards creating real life scenarios of colaboration between prototyping and consuming entities.

While the project is build through a consortium in different European countries (Germany, England, Lituania and various others TBC) we are working on a proposal to integrate Barcelona as a Spanish partner/Suscamp node.

Suscamp can finance 70% of the activity costs for profit companies and 100% (+ 25% indirect costs) for non-profit entities.

The Suscamp project is divided into 5 lines of action and we aim for Barcelona to participate in as many as possible:

So far the Barcelona node is formed by the FreeKnowledge Foundation (FKI) and the Femsprocomuns cooperative. To strenghtens the relevance of Barcelona Suscamp we are interested in creating an alliance of entities (Fablabs, Maker space and SME's) that can act as prototyping partners offering digital fabrication co-design services and infrastructures with the capacity to accelerates the prototyping processes for SME's interested in chanelling open source products into the market.

We have elaborated a list of potential partners from the Fabab Ecosystem that could (through their service, experitse and infrastructure) create traction for larger SME's to adopt and integrate open source methodoloy into their business practice, while at the same time stimulate econimc activity of the ecosystem.

Xarxa de Fablabs de catalunya

Association and Cooperative giving access to consuming community of open source co-designed products

With Femsprocomuns beeing a non-profit organization we can consider the possibility to create the Barcelona alliance under the umbrella of Femsprocomuns insuring investment of 100% of activity costs (+ 25% of indirect costs). Nevertheless many of the potential organizations of the Barcelona alliance have already their legal status and may not necessarily embrace the idea of suscribing to Femsprocomuns for the purpose of the Suscamp project.
Such a strategy implies Femprocomuns beeing the lead entity but also to provide relevant support, implication and commitment from members of the Cooperative with administrative tasks, communication and coordination of the proposal.

So far there has been Wouter and me (Isaac) involved in Barcelona Suscamp. Wouter insists on the opportunity that Suscamp presents for the cooperative and assumes that I will carry the lead of this project in the name of Femprocomuns. This assumption is wrong for 2 reasons:

The reasons that define my posture are various, some are personal and others are more pratical.
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