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24- Moi Lamp

Paremetric, interactive and designed for distributed fabrication

MOi is an Open source local made smart lamp concept. It was originally developpped during my press-fit assignment in Fab Academy 2018. The original prototype was done in Fusion 360 and laser cut on 4 mm. white cardboard. The design is parametric making the lamp adaptable in dimensions and functions, facilitating personalization, local fabrication and materails recycling and upcycling.

In a second phase, Miguel Guerrero created the Grasshopper parametric version that makes the design fully flexible.

The integration of smart components will allow control of lighting behavior according to given room ambient light and surrounding inputs.

MOI is designed for decentralized fabrication - sharing the know-how between local hubs with capacity to produce local iterations. With this project I continue what I initiated with my previous design Twistab. seeking again to integrate openness and circularity.

On november 15, 2018 I sent in a dossier for the Worth partnership program open call. with the propostion to develop the market protoype in collaboration with Happylab in Austria.